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Sanskrit Class

The science for learning Sanskrit is based in the knowledge that the entire physical world is composed of vibration. Our physiology and even our thoughts are, at their source, particular impulses/resonances. It teaches that a mind anchored in harmonious resonances can restore the spirit and promote the health and vitality of the body.

Sanskrit for Yogis™ is an introductory and open to anyone, teachers and students alike, with a genuine interest in:
• understanding the power of the Sanskrit alphabet (Matrika Shakti)
• learning how the alphabet has a "protective" and healing effect for the physiology and mental/ emotional body
• learning correct pronunciation to empower mantra
• applying the knowledge to understand longer chants & to cultivate meditation

The class is mainly instruction in Sanskrit, not asana. However, as we progress we may be able to study more specifically how Sanskrit directly relates to and enlivens a physical practice.

Pre-registration is required. Please feel free to contact the instructor, Silke, with any questions. email:

2012 Dates: TBA 

SFY is a 4 week course, 2 hours per class.

Please check back for specific dates.

Time: TBA

Cost:  TBA

Location:  RASA YOGA, 21 rue Saint Jacques, 75005 Paris

Sanskrit for Yogis™ Course Design
Developed by Katayani Poole, Ph.D, Sanskrit for Yogis™ is a unique and extraordinary method of learning the science of awakening through the sacred language of Sanskrit. The program is designed for students to experience the language, combining traditional methods of Vedic transmission and contemporary technology. More information on the method and Dr. Poole can be found on